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Double your Immune System Response with Beta Glucan


If you have ever heard of Beta Glucan, I’m sure you have seen the claims of how it can cure cancer and even kill any and all MRSA and ebola infections. This video will help to separate the fact from fiction of what Beta Glucan can do for you. Please watch the video to understand how fantastic Beta Glucan can be when taken correctly.

Using Vitamins to Lower the Impact of Mold Exposure

Lowering the Risk of Developing Health Issues Caused by Mold Exposure

Say the word mold and many people will cringe because they know just how serious exposure to some kinds of molds can be. Many types of molds are not particularly harmful (think cheese and soy fermentation) and are in fact beneficial to us. Some are also used in the field of medicine to develop antibiotics and other medicines and drugs. There are a few kinds, however, that can be potentially dangerous if exposure is continuous and large scale. Black mold is one of the primary sources of mycotoxins which has the potential of being dangerous, even, lethal to human beings.

Mold inspection Houston experts say, is a necessary procedure in managing the presence of molds and other fungi in the house or building. The process is simple and straightforward; an expert from a reputable firm will call on you, the homeowner, and he will do a visual inspection of the premises. If mold is found in the building, samples of the fungus will be collected and sent to a testing facility for analysis. If it is black mold, the level of caution during removal and remediation will be extreme. The less dangerous kinds of molds will still need to be removed from the house or building. Mold inspection is the first step that will help you and your loved ones recover from ailments which may have been caused by the presence of the mold.

mold may cause your sickness

Possible Health Issues

There are several health issues that will come to light once a person is exposed to mold. The most common and usually easy to solve is the allergic reaction that manifests itself through hay-fever like symptoms. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, red irritated eyes, sniffling, a runny nose, post nasal drip, sometimes a skin rash and difficulty breathing. It should be clarified that the mold spores themselves are not the actual causes of asthma; instead they will trigger an episode of asthma in an individual who is predisposed to asthma. Those who have allergic rhinitis are also more prone to the irritants and allergens that molds produce.

Another health issue that can be caused by mold exposure has something to do with a weak respiratory system. Respiratory infections as well as bronchitis are among the health issues that can develop if you spend a lot of time in places which are dark and damp. Molds thrive in such places and spending a lot of time in a place where molds are abundant can lead to an infection.

Gastrointestinal problems can also be caused by ingesting molds through eating. Not all of us can smell or taste mold in the foods we eat but ingesting it can be the reasons why a person may suffer from an onset of diarrhea, vomiting and sometimes even bleeding in the digestive tract.

Cancer may also be triggered by mold exposure. Mycotoxins from molds can trigger cancer cells to multiply and grow at an alarming rate.

Vitamins and Minerals that Might Help

Although there are medicines and drugs that are very efficient at getting rid of conditions caused by mold exposure; prevention is also another aspect that should be highlighted. Mold inspection Houston residents say, is one way of preventing further complications in individuals who may be living in a building or house that has colonies of molds. A less expensive way of lowering the risk of contracting diseases caused by molds is to eat healthy and to eat right. There are some vitamins and minerals supplements as well as herbs that can allegedly increase your protection against mold exposure.

Vitamin D is often mentioned as capable of increasing a human body’s protection against mold allergies as well as other respiratory forms of allergies and possibly even depression, which can also be triggered by exposure to black mold. A free source of vitamin D is sunlight, around the times when it is not too harsh. These times should be from 6:00 am to before 9:00 am and around 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Avoid sunlight at the hours past 10:00 am and up to around 3:00 pm. Sunlight is harshest during these times.

Vitamin C is an effective way to boost your immune system to help protect you from potential infection. A healthy dose of the recommended daily allowance will decrease the levels of histamine in the bloodstream, effectively preventing lowering the risk of allergic reactions.

Omega 3 fats (found in cod liver oil and other fatty fish) are also quite effective in maintaining the body’s immune system. It can reduce your susceptibility to sinus infections, improve brain health (exposure to molds can cause depression) and reduce cancer risk.

Glutathione is also another weapon that can help to lessen your risk of contracting disease caused by toxic mold and other types of molds. This antioxidant is very effective in detoxifying the body of toxins from various sources. It is actually produced by the human body in small amounts but there are supplements available for it.

The regular ingestion of probiotics can maintain good gut health and increase the efficacy of your immune system. Good sources of probiotics include, kefir, some cheeses, yogurt, sourdough bread, miso soup, fermented soy and many others.

Preventing an infection or the onset of a disease is ideal since some people never truly recover from a disease; some just learn to manage it and live with it. Learning about molds and what can suppress their influence is a vital aspect of taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Schedule a mold inspection visit if you suspect that you have molds in your house or building. Experts on mold will be able to tell you what kind of mold is in your home and recommend the necessary steps you need to take to protect yourself.